Mission Lane

The Mission Money Card Program

is being discontinued.

This does not affect the Mission Lane Visa® Credit Card program. If you're a Mission Lane Visa® Credit Card Cardholder, you can continue to use and manage your credit card account as usual.

If you're a Mission Money Cardholder, we thank you for your business and will be closing your Mission Money debit account on 8/31/2023.

Please read all of the following information regarding your Mission Money Card and Card Account.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of your Mission Money Debit Card Cardholder Agreement with Sutton Bank, we are notifying you that your Mission Money debit card will be deactivated and closed on 8/31/2023  You will be able to utilize your account as normal until the date of closure, but after that date you will no longer be able to use your Mission Money Card Account, the Mission Money Card, or the services associated with the Card and Card Account. After this date, please securely dispose of the Card.

To ensure the closure of your Mission Money Card Account is as convenient as possible, please make sure to do the following:

  • Spend down or withdraw any funds in your Mission Money Card Account prior to 8/31/2023
  • Immediately discontinue any direct deposits to the Card Account by notifying the payor; and
  • Immediately change the payment method for any payments to be made by the Mission Money Card.

If you have your paycheck Direct Deposited onto the Mission Money debit card, we recommend you change your direct deposit to an external bank account - contact your HR representative or payroll department to make this transition.

You will be able to access your funds through your debit card until 8/31/2023 the date of the account closure.  Any remaining funds in your account upon closure will be sent via check to the address on file. The check will be mailed by 10/25/2023.

You remain responsible for any financial obligations that may not have yet been posted to your account prior to the termination of your Mission Money Account. 

For account support, call us at  1-855-791-2488.


The Mission Money Team